What is a Certified Fraud Examiner?





The Certified Fraud Examiner is a type of credential provided to companies that are involved in fraud investigations and exhibit a special knowledge and skill in the field of fraud. An anti-fraud organization known as the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners awards the credential based on a company’s ability to meet their criteria. The ACFE expects certain skills in the field of fraud investigation that are specific to the discipline. To receive a CFE, companies must have knowledge and experience with complicated financial transactions along with a comprehension of key methods in forensics, law and the ability to resolve accusations of fraud. Someone with this credential must prove that they have been trained in understanding both why and how fraud occurs.

These are some of the requirements to become a Certified Fraud Examiner:

  •  Currently be an Associate Member of the ACFE and also be in good standing with the organization
  •  Meet certain academic standards through an Undergraduate or Master’s degree as well asprofessional experience in the field
  •  Exhibit integrity and ethical strength
  •  Consent to follow the ACFE’s bylaws and code of ethics

Members of Kinsel Forensic Accounting LLP are also CFEs.

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